Goldsmith Construction operates and maintains its own fleet of construction and support equipment. We have the equipment and the manpower to adapt to most projects. Goldsmith Construction believes that ownership of the equipment reduces costs and enhances reliability, flexibility and operational control.

We have the equipment resources to support a manpower level of over two hundred employees.

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See below to view a partial listing of our maintained and operated equipment:

Hydro Cranes
Street grinding equipment
Large Vibratory Rollers
Bobcats with backhoe, forklift, breaker and bucket attachments
Dump Trucks, Rolloff trucks and Bins
Vacuum Trucks
Utility Service Trucks
Pickups/Stake bed Trucks
Tractors and Trailers for moving equipment and contaminated solids
A full range of piping and welding tools and equipment
Paving Machines
Water Trucks
Emulsion Trucks
Backhoes with breakers, clam buckets, hydraulic breakers and large roller/compactors
Programmable Traffic Lights, and portable lighting towers
We also maintain a full complement of peripheral tools and equipment ranging from small hand tools to larger specialized equipment.


Air Compressor to 125 c.f.m.
60 lb. Breaker w/pts (jack hammer)
90 lb. Breaker w/pts (jack hammer)
35 lb. Clay Spade w/spade
Chipping Hammer w/bits & bushings
Powder Puff (air tamper)
Impact Wrench w/sockets (to 1″ drive)
3/4″ x 50′ Air Hose
Air Saw w/pipe clamp & Blade
Air Drill
Backhoe, 580 Case or Equal, Operated *
Backhoe 580 Case w/breaker, Operated *
Backhoe 580 Case w/compaction wheel, Operated *
Backhoe, 580 Case, Bare
Backhoe 430 Cat, Operated *
Backhoe 430 Cat, Bare
Backhoe 446 Cat, Operated *
Backhoe 446 Cat, Bare
Skiploader, 480 Case w/scraper, Operated *
Skiploader, Bare
New Holland/Bobcat 555/743, Operated *
Above w/Breaker
New Holland/Bobcat 555/743, Bare
New Holland/Bobcat 785/843, Operated *

Above w/Breaker
New Holland/Bobcat 785/843, Bare
Asphalt Zipper (teeth & carrier addl.)
45,000 lb. Excavator, Bare*
45,000 lb. Excavator, Operated**
4 cubic yd. Loader, Bare*
4 cubic yd. Loader, Operated**
Without Flashers
With Flashers
Traffic Delineators
Barricades & Tape
Cones and Barricade Combo
Cones and Signs
Arrow Board
Light Tower
6′ x 15′ Panel Fences
16 Ft. Fence Panels

Gas, 20″ bar w/fuel & accessories
Electric, 16″ bar
Portable Abrasive, Chop Saw (blades addl.)
Gas Weed Wacker w/fuel & accessories

24″ Vibratory Plate
Rammer Type, Medium Duty
30″ Hydro Drive Wacker

54″ Vibratory Sheepsfoot
Rammer Type, Heavy Duty

Concrete Vibrator, 7′ Electric
36″ Finishing Machine
48″ Finishing Machine
Gas Plaster Mixer
Gas Concrete Mixer
Rebar Cutter & Bender

Up to 5′ x 8′
Up to 6′ x 12′
To 1/2″ Drill Motor (bits addl.)
3/4″ Drill Motor (bits addl.)
3/4″ Magnetic Base Drill
To 1-1/2″ Roto Hammer w/bits & chipper
60 lb. Electric Jack Hammer
Hot Tap Machine

50′ Cord
100′ Cord
500 Watt Light w/stand

Up to 3,500 p.s.i. self-powered unit
Dead Weight
Pressure Chart
Temperature Chart
Pressure Pump
Pressure Gauge
Hi Pressure Hoses

5,000 lb. Hard Tire, Operated *
5,000 lb. Hard Tire, Bare
5,000 lb. x 10′ Rough Terrain, Operated *
5,000 lb. x 10′ Rough Terrain, Bare
3′ x 5′ Work Platform for Above
6′ x 14′ Work Platform for Above

To 3.5 KW
To 5.0 KW

Right Angle w/accessories
Long Neck Grinder

20′ Scissor Lift w/5′ x 8′ Platform
1-1/2 Ton Crane-A-Long (chain)
1-10 Ton Snatch Block
Manlift 62′

To 20 Tons
25 to 50 Tons
10 Ton Porta Power
4′ Trench Jack

6′ – 10′ Step-Ladder
12′ Step-Ladder
20′ – 30′ Extension Ladder

Dumpy Level Transit w/accessories
Engineering Transit w/accessories
Laser Beacon w/accessories

4″ to 10″
12″ and over
Pipe Jack Stand
Saw Horses

Electric Airless
Air Operated
Gas Operated
Pot & Gun to 5 Gallon

Rigid 535 Unit w/ Threading Head
Rigid 535 Power Unit w/ Beveling Head
Portable Pipe Cutters, 2″ – 12″


Soil Pipe Cutters, 2″ – 12″
Portable Hydraulic Pipe Bender to 4″
Pipe Wrapping Machine
3 Point Pipe Vibe
Portable Pipe Cutters, 14″-24″
Up to 6″ Plumbers Plugs
7-12″ Plumbers Plugs
Up to 6″ Plug Air
Line Locater
Pipe Jeep

To 3″ Centrifugal, Gas Powered
To 2″ Submersible, Electric
To 2″ Submersible, Air
Trash Pump, Electric
Emulsion Pump

1-1/2″ x 20′
2″ x 20′

1-1/2″ x 50′
2-1/2″ x 50′
3″ x 50′

1/2″ – 4″ Machine only
4″ – 8″ Machine only

Miter Saw Electric
Saber accessories
Skil to 7-1/2″ w/accessories
Sawzall w/accessories
Radial Arm to 10″ w/accessories
Table to 10″ w/accessories
Router w/accessories
14″ Gas Cut Off Saw
Saw Blades

22 Cal Power Actuated w/accessories
27 Cal Power Actuated w/accessories

4 Gas (O2,LEL,CO, H2S) Portable Meter
H2S Meter
Safety Harness w/Tag Line
5 Gas (O2,LEL,CO, H2S, VOC) PID Meter
Confined Space Setup (Tripod, Winch, SCBA, 1st Aid/Trauma Kit, AED)

Pick-Up & Tools, to 3/4 Ton without Driver
One Ton Utility with Rack
Stakebed, 1-Ton without Driver
Box Truck, 1-Ton without Driver
Flatbed, 2-Ton without Driver
Bobtail Dump Truck, w/Operator
Bobtail Dump Truck, Bare
10 Wheel Dump Tuck, w/Operator
10 Wheel Dump Tuck, bare
Super Sucker, w/ Operator
Water Truck, to 2,000 gallons, Operated
Water Truck, to 2,500 gallons, Operated
Water Trailer
Pipe Trailer
120 BBL Vacuum Truck, Operated *


5 to 8-Ton, Operated *
5 to 8-Ton, Bare
11-Ton, Operated *
11-Ton, Bare
15-Ton Grove, Operated *
20-Ton Grove, Operated *

15 Gallon Wet & Dry
55 Gallon Wet & Dry

Welding Machine 200 Amp. W/Oxy/Acet.
Welding Table w/vice
Beveling Machine to 4″
Beveling Machine 4-8″
Beveling Machine 8-16″
Beveling Machine 16-30″
Acetylene & Oxygen Unit, un operated

Hot Box
Aluminum Mig Welder
Gang Box
Fire Extinguishers, Powder
Fire Extinguishers, Water
Welding Truck W/ Machine

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