Pipe Wrapping

Goldsmith Construction is the distributor and service provider of Western Specialities Pipeline ComposiSleeve Reforcement System technology for California. The WS reinforcement system integrates steel/composite half shells adhered to the pipeline materials. This system has been proven to be the most effective method of repairing leaks on most diameter piping both AG and UG and an alternative to sleeves, welding or replacement. The application requires no special tools and can be applied on wet or dry surfaces. It is the most advanced composite system for repair of corroded pipeline defects.

The Pipe Wrap A + system consists of propriety glass fiber reinforcement fabric, and is factory impregnated with durable, moisture cured polyurethane (MCU) resin. We offer complete non-intrusive piping remediation, repair, reinforcement, and/or complete hoop and axial strength replacement to any size piping, constructed of any material in any shape or configuration including elbows, manifolds, tees, reducers or bends.

For more information on this new cost effective method of repairing pipe leaks, visit Pipe Wrap or contact us directly at Goldsmith Construction, Inc.

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